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Vonnegut in Indianapolis - vonnegutchamps

About Vonnegut in Indianapolis

Previous Entry Vonnegut in Indianapolis Mar. 8th, 2007 @ 01:35 pm Next Entry
So...Vonnegut is speaking in Indianapolis (info here: http://www.imcpl.org/events/yearofvonnegut/yovevents.html) and I live in Cleveland and can't possibly get to the box office tomorrow in time to get there...work and such. The onsale is at the Clowes Box Office at Butler University and starts at 10am. You can't get them over the phone...you have to be there in person.

Is there anyone who could get an extra ticket for me if they're going to get tickets anyway, or would do a fellow Vonnegutian a favor and pick me up one? They're free...and I'd be indebted for life...I'll even pay for it.

Let me know....e-mail me at sarzone @ gmail . com or post a message on here...I'm dying to go!

I'm crossposting this to a few Vonnegut communities so sorry if you see this more than once!
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